An Ounce of Prevention

By Ketra Crosson, Occupational Therapist, Independent Living Specialist

Trying to take some of the advice that I give others in Maine AgrAbility, in recent years I have started earlier in the season, working in the garden for shorter sessions, avoiding the ‘marathon’ planting and work periods.

I have also been mindful of gathering my tools, plants, seeds for a work session to reduce repetitive trips back and forth.  Using a cart or wagon can reduce strain on your body. There are a variety of options available from a wheelbarrow, large cart to a garden scoot.

woman carrying 5 gallon bucket in each hand in a farm pastureIf you can’t use a wagon, be sure that you don’t carry too much at one time. Balance the load evenly. For example, carry a half-filled bucket in each hand, rather than a full bucket in one hand.

Before you head outside to start your day, consider your work conditions. Be prepared with plenty of water to drink, a hat, and sunscreen. Consider bug spray, too, not just for flying insects, but ticks, too.