Presentations and Requests

Maine AgrAbility is available to present at your organization/event. Types of organizations that may find us helpful presenters include:

  • Any group composed of farmers/farm workers, loggers, aquaculturists, or fishermen
  • Any group that interacts with members of the diverse Maine agricultural community, such as
    • NRCS Conservationists
    • Rural rehabilitation professionals
    • Rural health care professionals
    • Rehabilitation/therapy students
    • Rotary Clubs
    • 4-H Leader Groups and 4-H Groups

Presentations are adaptable in length (10-60 minutes) and topic. Topics we present include:

  • What is Maine AgrAbility, and who do we serve?
  • Gardening Forever
  • Farming and Arthritis
  • Yoga for Farmers and Gardeners
  • Universal Design on the Farm
  • Empowering Farmers with Disabilities to Manage Their Own Personal Assistance At Home and On-the-Farm
  • Farming and Ergonomics: Health and Safety around the farm
  • Injury and Illness Prevention on the Farm
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Spray Applications
  • Assistive Technology and Agriculture
  • Assistive Technology and Agriculture for Youth
  • Inclusive 4-H
  • Kids and Arthritis
  • Stretching for Kids

Ask us if you have a topic you’re interested in learning more about — chances are we can do it!

Request a Presentation

You can request a presentation in a number of ways including:

If possible, please submit your request at least 30 days in advance of your planned event.

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