Yoga Stretches for Fisherman

Your body is your most valuable tool — keep it in good working order.

Antonia Small E-RYT500, Brie Weisman OTR/L and Monique Coombs CPT, MCFA

Stretch for five minutes at a time throughout the day to reap the rewards. In the morning to prepare for the work ahead, during the day to pause and recharge, and before bed to relax for a good night’s sleep.

While stretching be sure to pause and breathe fully — in through the nose, out through the nose or mouth. A breath cycle is an inhale and an exhale. Inhaling, feel your lungs expand, your spine lengthen, and the crown of your head lift. Exhaling, continue to sit or stand tall, slowly expel the breath completely through the mouth or nose. Repeat 2X, 10X anywhere, anytime.

Yoga Stretches for Fisherman

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The participant should be aware of the typical dangers, hazards and risks that accompany yoga or any physical activity. Participants are aware of and shall assume all risk and liability for any and all injuries that may come from yoga or physical activity, including, but not limited to, sprains, breaks, tears, bruises, lacerations, falls, broken bones, head injuries, and heart or lung issues. You should always check with your primary care physician before starting any exercise regimen or physical activity.

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