Bending and Mending: The Downward Dogfish

Bending and Mending

Whether you are building a trap, mending a net, or heaving an oyster cage, you may find yourself hunched over or in an awkward position in order to complete a task. It’s important to be mindful of how you are working, but it’s also good to consider taking time to stretch and readjust to protect your body.

Work Task:

view of lobsterman repairing a trap from inside the trap

Bending and Mending

Repairing traps and preparing equipment for the upcoming season is what you are likely doing these days.  These activities involve a lot of bending and twistiing after a long winter.

For a stretch break, try our version of the Half Down Dogfish to counter those strains on your back.

Stretch Break!

older man in plaid shirt stretching againg a string of lobser traps

Half Down DogFISH

Place hands on a prop or wall at waist height. Inhale, step both feet back. Exhale, bend from the hip, pushing away from the wall to lengthen spine. Arms are extended in front of you at shoulder height. With head between arms, look downward. Keep knees lightly bent. Hold for 2-3 breaths.

Demonstration of Half Down DogFISH

Breathing Technique

**There is no audio for this Square Breathing video.

Here’s the team that has your back:

  • Brie Weisman is an Occupation Therapist and part of the AgrAbility program. (She’s also writing a monthly column in Commercial Fisheries News!)
  • Toni Small is a Yoga Instructor and owns Oryx WorX. She lives in Port Clyde with her husband John Cotton a commercial fisherman.
  • Monique Coombs, Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association, lobstering family, and soon-to-be NASM certified personal trainer.