Help Support Your County’s Extension Activities

Your local County Extension Association has openings for volunteers to serve on their Executive Committee and direct Extension educational activities. Extension programs are run by University of Maine Cooperative Extension and are designed to bring practical, research-based information from the University of Maine into the county to meet local needs.

“The role of the Executive Committee is as viable today (perhaps more so) as it’s ever been. With limited resources, we need the know how and local contacts that make the impossible possible at times.”

— Harvey Hayden, Executive Committee President


County Extension Associations have a long history in Maine. The first one was established in 1915 to help direct the work of county “agents.” Since 1919, Maine’s County Extension Act has defined the role of these county associations in carrying out Extension work.


In partnership with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension staff, the Executive Committee of each County Extension Association assists with providing input on local educational programming needs, helps hire staff, and oversees the county budget appropriations that support educational Extension programs for county residents.

Get involved

Anyone interested in serving on their local County Extension Association’s Executive Committee, or in finding out more information, is encouraged to contact their UMaine Extension county office.

“As individuals our achievements may reach others. When we associate with others united by a common purpose, joining our unique strengths, we together broadcast a much deeper and broader influence. To me, Cooperative Extension helps us to cultivate our land, our lives, and our County in better and better ways. Our fellowship in agricultural related efforts gives us all hope and courage to continue on and to improve our practice.

“I have always been impressed by the quality and genuine character of those who I have met and known who are involved with Cooperative Extension. From the 4-H lad down the way who tended my sheep when I had to be away, to the members of the Executive Board who work behind the scenes, the professional educators and staff of Extension, there is much goodness and care. As current President of the Cumberland County Extension Association it is my privilege to help in whatever way I can to support all these in their very effective efforts to make our families and land the very best they can be.”

— Allen F. Pollock, President, Cumberland County Extension Association