Hancock County Extension Homemakers

Hancock County Extension Homemakers are part of the Maine Extension Homemakers. Through the years, the purpose of the Maine Extension Homemakers has remained tied to strengthening and extending adult education into the home and community. Maine Extension Homemakers has the goal to develop leadership, promote the University of Maine Cooperative Extension’s educational programs in all parts of Maine, and to support worthy community causes.

Paying Membership Dues:

Pay your Maine Extension Homemakers membership dues promptly to unlock a wealth of resources, educational opportunities, and the unwavering support of a like-minded community.

Questions? Contact Lisa Fishman at lisa.fishman@maine.edu.

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For More Information, Please Contact:

Hancock County Extension Homemakers (HCEH)
Phone: 207.667.8212 or 800.287.8212 (in Maine)
Email: extension.hancock@maine.edu