Extension Office Landscape and Hoop House

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Hancock County Extension Landscape Master Gardener Volunteers

Extension Office Landscape and Hoop House, Ellsworth, 2020

–           What volunteers will do on this project
In this project you will plant, tend and harvest vegetable crops in seventeen raised beds, three of which are in a hoop house.  Harvests will be used by Extension Eat Well Volunteers who conduct outreach in food pantries. In late summer, you will sow cover crops in outdoor beds. You will also care for a variety of small fruit plantings (grapes, raspberries, highbush blueberries).  In the Extension ornamental landscape, you will care for many native shrubs, small trees and flowering perennials.

–           What volunteers will learn on this project
You will learn about soil testing and preparation, intensive vegetable production, how to care for small fruit plantings, cover cropping, drip irrigation and tool maintenance.  You will learn about techniques for dividing perennials, how to propagate woody plants from cuttings, how to stake tall perennials while minimizing visibility of stakes, how to properly maintain a composting system, and how a rain garden functions in the landscape.

–           Expectations (in terms of attendance frequency and hours) of a Master Gardener who wishes to be considered for this team in 2020
Members of this team are expected to participate in work sessions every other Friday morning (May through October) from 8:30 – noon.

–           the IDEAL number of volunteers for this team in 2020
The IDEAL number of volunteers for this team in 2020 is at least fifteen.

Project Leader: Marjorie Peronto

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