Maine Sea Coast Mission Food Pantry Garden

Maine Sea Coast Mission Food Pantry Garden, Cherryfield, 2020Maine Seacoast Mission

–           What volunteers will do on this project
Master Gardener Volunteers will prepare soil, plant, tend, debug (!) & harvest the 3,000 sq. ft. garden that supplies fresh produce to the mission pantry.

–           What volunteers will learn on this project
Volunteers gain hands on experience creating raised beds, using drip irrigation, and using nonchemical pest management system to grow high quality fresh produce for the food pantry. Cover crops and organic soil amendments will enrich the soil to provide plant nutrients necessary for high production.

–           Expectations (in terms of attendance frequency and hours) of a Master Gardener who wishes to be considered for this team in 2020
We come to the garden every Friday morning from 9:00-11:00 am weather permitting, late May through October. Occasionally some volunteers help on other days per request.

–           the IDEAL number of volunteers for this team in 2020
We would love to have 7 volunteers all season. We are a wonderful team & work hard but also have fun.   This project maximizes teamwork and collaboration to meet the food production goals and create a community of gardeners.

Project Leader: Gena Norgaard

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