Master Gardener Volunteer Projects

Below is a listing of the Approved 2020 Master Gardener Volunteer Projects in Hancock and Washington Counties. Click on (links) below to find out more about each project.

  • Grow extra food in my garden to support local Maine Harvest for Hunger initiatives.
  • Mentor a beginning gardener by phone, email, text, Zoom, photos, etc.
  • Submit an idea for an article for Extension’s monthly electronic newsletter, Maine Home Garden News.
  • Develop a presentation on a gardening topic that I’m passionate about. Choose topic, do research, take photos, develop a script. Send idea and outline to Marjorie.
  • Work with Extension Plant Pathologist Dr. Alicyn Smart to develop a fact sheet on a plant disease.
  • Create a photographic tutorial about a gardening topic. Insects, diseases, weeds, or specific gardening techniques.
  • Serve as a reviewer for Extension’s new Pollinator Garden Certification program (coming soon!)
  • Training for Signs of the Seasons – The three-part webinar series focuses on the value of studying phenology in a changing climate, the relevance of indicator species, and how to set up a site and begin observing. Registration info to be shared when you sign up for this project.
  • I currently serve on the Master Gardener Advisory Committee
  • I have another creative idea:

I have read the Master Gardener Volunteer Projects descriptions, and am ready to re-enroll HERE