Washington Academy Garden

Washington Academy Garden, East Machias, 2020

Washington Academy Gardens–           What volunteers will do on this project
Work with Marjorie and Healthy Acadia’s Regina Grabrovac to plant and care for a 3,000 square foot vegetable garden whose harvest goes to local food pantries.  Sixteen raised beds and eight field beds will grow root crops, greens, summer and winter squash, tomatoes and onions in intensive plantings.  A newly covered hoop house will extend our gardening season on both ends. Most beds are watered with drip irrigation system.

In the spring and fall, the garden will be used as an outdoor classroom for Washington Academy students, local youth and other community members, so there will be opportunities to teach others in addition to honing your own vegetable gardening skills.

–           What volunteers will learn on this project
Organic intensive vegetable production techniques

–           Expectations (in terms of attendance frequency and hours) of a Master Gardener who wishes to be considered for this team in 2020
We will meet regularly to work as a team on Monday mornings, starting in May, ending in October.

–           the IDEAL number of volunteers for this team in 2020
I would like to have at least 4 regular volunteers.

Project Leader: Marjorie Peronto

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