Maine Solutions Network

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Solving community problems in a new way

Maine Solutions Network

Maine Solutions is an emerging network.

Maine Solutions works with businesses, non-profits, government agencies, and citizen organizations that are able to connect their resources, expertise and interests to collaborative, community based projects.

The Maine Solutions Advisory Committee serves as the hub of Maine Solutions. They help connect the resources of the state of Maine to projects at the community, regional or state level.


  • Representative Chris Rector R-Thomaston
  • Representative Ted Koffman  D-Bar Harbor


  • Richard Berman, Berman & Associates
  • Kathy Fuller, Maine Department of Transportation
  • Mary Ann Hayes, Maine Rural Partners
  • Sherman Hoyt, University of Maine Sea Grant
  • Sherry Huber, Maine Tree Foundation
  • Jack Kartez, Muskie School, University of Southern Maine
  • Diane Kenty,  Maine Court System
  • Cheryl Miller, Maine Development Foundation
  • Jon Prichard, University of Maine Cooperative Extension
  • Don Witherill, Maine Department of Environmental Protection


  • Ron Beard, University of Maine Cooperative  Extension

If you are interested in getting involved, contact us.