Rhoades Park Butterfly Garden, Southwest Harbor

Charlotte Rhoades parks

At the Charlotte Rhoades Park, Master Gardeners tend the Butterfly Gardens and become garden docents as they manage the host plants in the garden and observe metamorphosis. One seasonal goal for new MG’s is to be able to identify 3 native varieties of milkweed, and to know the larval plants for 6 other common species of butterflies. We hope that MG’s can will tell visitors about larval and nectaring host plants for butterflies and explain organic gardening techniques used at the Park. Special projects this season will include installing new milkweed plantings adjacent to the Butterfly Education Barn, and also on the cove bank.

Rhoades Butterfly ParkThe optimal benefit to the Master Gardener would come as the result of regular participation – two times a month for 2 ½ hours. MG’s will start up initially on Thursday mornings in April and May, and as the season gets going, they can choose any morning that suits their schedule. Need is greatest: 1) May-June when plants are installed, 2) the latter part of July prior to the Butterfly Release July 28th, and 3) September 6-16th during School Field trip visits.  We welcome the knowledge and experience that Master Gardeners bring to our project!



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