UMaine Extension Diagnostic and Research Laboratory: COMMUNITIES

aerial view of Maine townIncreasing home and garden pest issues, including problems with bed bugs, cockroaches, white grubs, carpenter ants, and Japanese beetles, can result in significant nuisances and financial burdens, while also causing residential pesticide use to rise dramatically.

  • University of Maine Cooperative Extension provides public outreach to help the people of Maine manage pest issues through economically and environmentally friendly methods.
  • The new lab will allow increased monitoring for invasive pests of landscapes, forests, and gardens, while also allowing for expanded attention to Maine’s more common pests.
  • The new lab will facilitate cooperation with veterinarians to enhance detection and management of preventable diseases in Maine’s domestic animals.
  • University of Maine Cooperative Extension strives to provide educational opportunities to students and to the general public.
  • The new lab’s unique combination of insect, plant, and animal diagnostics will provide an exceptional teaching opportunity for students, as well as premiere research and outreach facilities.

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