Program Improvement, Problem-Solving and Systems Re-Thinking in a New Reality

Innovation Engineering logoAre you looking for tools to help you improve or update your programs or programming systems to meet the new reality?

This training will provide you with tools for rapid problem-solving, idea generation, program improvement and analyzing and rethinking your program systems.

This 90-minute training will provide you with a brief overview of the innovation engineering process and systems thinking.

For over 30 years, Innovation Engineering systems thinking has been used by Fortune 500 companies all over the world to increase innovation speed while at the same time decreasing risk. Innovation Engineering provides anyone with the basic tools to rapidly solve problems, communicate solutions and test ideas and/or improve systems.


  • Jason Bolton, Associate Extension Professor and Food Safety Specialist, Academic Director of Innovation Engineering
  • Renee Kelly, Assistant Vice President for Innovation and Economic Development, Innovation Engineering Faculty
  • Matthew Hodgkin, Commercialization Program Professional, Innovation Engineering Lecturer

Suggested Participants:

Anyone that would like to explore tools for program improvement and rethinking program systems.