4-H Club Leader Role Description


4-H Club Leader


Volunteer opportunities are available in every county.


Help 4-H club members grow and reach their fullest potential by supporting them to conduct meaningful, educational experiences. Inform and encourage members, parents and other volunteers to actively participate in appropriate 4-H opportunities that offer the best chance for their success.


  • A sincere interest in the safety and well being of youth
  • The ability to teach and motivate youth while nurturing their self-esteem, decision-making skills, responsibility, and leadership
  • Successfully pass a background check and screening process
  • Ability to organize information and materials, and delegate responsibility; the ability to work and communicate effectively, both verbal and written
  • The ability to motivate parents and other volunteers to assume leadership positions
  • The ability to work with minimal supervision from professional staff
  • A sincere interest in working with other volunteers and professional staff in an educational setting
  • A willingness to become familiar with the philosophy and guidelines of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension 4-H program


  • Participate in volunteer training
  • Create a safe environment for members by helping youth feel welcome and safe, encouraging participation, and being receptive to ideas from youth and parents
  • Provide meaningful learning opportunities for youth to experience success and help them develop self-confidence
  • Help youth find resources to explore projects and activities
  • Create an inclusive environment
    • Involve members in developing club programs, project work, community service, social events, and participation in county, district, and state 4-H events
    • Serve as a primary communication link between the UMaine Extension county office/4-H professional staff, and the club
  • Provide club management and communication
    • Read 4-H information and resources from the UMaine Extension county office and keep members, parents, and other advisers informed
    • Be aware of available 4-H projects, help members select projects, and encourage parents to support their child’s project work
    • Secure club organization materials from the UMaine Extension county office
    • Complete enrollment forms and other paperwork as requested by the UMaine Extension county office

Time Commitment

A 1 to 2 year commitment


UMaine Extension will

  • provide an orientation and training that will help the volunteer meet the needs of members, leaders, and parents
  • Provide appropriate educational materials
  • Offer professional assistance


  • Develop a relationship with the UMaine Extension 4-H program, your county, and the youth of your community
  • UMaine Extension and the Pine Tree State 4-H Foundation as resources and support systems
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Recognition and awards


Anyone interested in volunteering as a 4-H club leader, or in finding out more information, is encouraged to contact their UMaine Extension county office.