Module 2: PowerPoint Slides Transcripts

Module 2: Volunteer Rights and Responsibilities

Slide 1: Liability

Slide 2: Volunteers Statewide

For complete list of opportunities:

Slide 3: Volunteer Rights

  • Orientation and training
  • Clear, appropriate assignments
  • Safe, healthy working conditions
  • Informed involvement with agency supervision and support
  • Recognition of contribution
  • Time put to best use
  • Fulfilling work

Slide 4: Volunteer Responsibilities

  • Be honest about your goals, skills, limitations and motivations
  • Understand you role as a volunteer
  • Fulfill your commitment
  • Cooperate with clientele, other volunteers and staff

Slide 5: Volunteer Responsibilities 

  • Comply with equal opportunity and non-discrimination policies
  • Display strong Customer Service
  • Ask for help if you need it