Module 4: PowerPoint Slides Transcripts

Module 4: Risk Management

Slide 1:                          

  • Risk Management
  • Emergencies
  • Fundraising
  • Civil Rights

Slide 2: What is Risk Management?

Risk is the possible deviation from what you expect to happen

  • Risk management is the anticipation of what might happen and thinking about ways to manage these risks

Slide 3: Risk Management Strategies


  • Modify the program or facility, such as adding a fence to separate the public from animals in a show ring
  • Posting a sign for participants to ‘watch their step’ near steep stairs or a slippery walkway

Slide 4: Risk Management Strategies


  • Shifting all or part of risk to another party – e.g., through insurance or other means.

Slide 5: Risk Management Strategies


  • Taking steps to remove a hazard, engage in an alternative activity, or otherwise end a specific exposure.

Slide 6: Have a Risk Management Plan!

  • Use a risk management checklist.
  • Involve adults and youth in developing the risk management plan so everyone is thinking about safety.

Slide 7: When we pay attention to risk management issues

  • It becomes an important educational component of our programs, focusing on safety and prevention.
  • Participants can focus on learning in a safe, comfortable environment.
  • Volunteers limit their liability exposure.

Slide 8: In Case of an Emergency

  • Provide medical attention
  • Contact parent/guardian/emergency contact
  • Contact your Extension Supervisor
  • Record all important information immediately and file an incident report.

Slide 9: In Case of an Emergency

  • Do not argue, accept or assign blame
  • Do not sign anything, or discuss details with anyone other than Extension or University personnel or public safety personnel

Slide 10: Fundraising

  • Money raised in the name of University of Maine Cooperative Extension or a specific program area must be used for that purpose.
  • Fund raising should only be conducted to meet a goal.

Slide 11: Civil Rights

Non-discrimination Statement

Slide 12: And Justice for All

Inform your clients about civil rights by hanging the “And Justice For All” Poster at any Extension related event.

Slides 13-15: Actions to Ensure Civil Rights:

  • Contact your supervisor if as a volunteer you been the subject of discrimination or sexual harassment, or there aren’t proper accommodations for your disability
  • Reasons for outreach and cultural diversity