Plan of Work

4-H Club Annual Plan of Work

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  • Goals are the things that you plan to accomplish during the 4-H year, and can be short- and long-term. Each member has goals for today, this week, and this year. As a club, you plan to have group goals such as (1) Participate in citizenship and community service activities. (2) Work on special activities/projects such as a play or craft fair. (3) Take part in county 4-H events (ie - Public Speaking, County Fair, etc) (4) Learn a new skill or set of skills. Your club may have one or two goals, or it may have several goals. Try to set goals that you can reasonably accomplish, but not so easy that they do not challenge you. Click on the + to add up to 5 goals.
  • Please list any special meetings that you plan to hold (ie- field trips, lectures, etc). List any special programs or subject areas that you will be focusing on. We want to get a sense of what your club is doing this year and what types of activities you might do in order to accomplish your goals. Click on the + to add up to 5 special meetings/activities.
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