‘Go Outside’ Scavenger Hunt and 4-H’s Challenge Registration

The weather is slowly warming up, so it’s time to start exploring the outdoors! What better way to do that than with a weekly scavenger hunt? Each week, for 10 weeks, you will be asked to find and photograph an object, animal or piece of nature. There will be a few choices of what to look for; some will be easier and some will be more difficult! In addition, four of the weeks will have a challenge for you to complete based on one of the 4 H’s. At the end of the 10 weeks, if you have submitted photographs for at least 7 of the weeks, you will get a prize! Those of you who also complete the 4 H’s challenge will get entered into a drawing for 4-H gear!


  • Register below by April 2nd.
  • Scavenger hunt assignments will be emailed, and posted on Facebook and Instagram each Monday and will be due by the following Sunday. Complete the scavenger hunt each week by submitting a photograph of the object/animal/piece of nature. If you decide to also do the 4 H’s challenge, include a photograph of you completing the task.

Submission rules:

  • Submissions must be jpeg, pdf or tiff Include your last name in the file name.
  • Submit photographs to 4hcontest@maine.edu with subject line ‘Scavenger Hunt’
  • Complete 7 of the 10 scavenger hunt assignments and you will get a prize! Complete the 4 H’s challenge and you’ll be entered into a drawing!