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Educational Programs - Beekeeping Courses, York County

bee on sunflower

Are you thinking of becoming a beekeeper, or do you need a refresher course?  Learn all the basics, from hive construction to honey bee behavior and honey production, with our expert instructor.  Our Winter 2018 Beginner Bee School will take place on Thursday evenings, February 22 – March 22, 2018. For details and to register, see Beginner Beekeeping.

Are you already keeping bees and want to delve into more depth on the fascinating creatures?  Check out our Spring 2018 Intermediate Level 2-session short courses. See these links for details and to register:

Honey Bee Pests and Diseases, Wednesday evenings, March 14 & March 21, 2018. We’ll discuss the major pest and disease threats to honey bee colonies, and their management; consider pesticides threats to honey bees; and demonstrate the detection of diseases and pests under the microscope.

Honey Bees: Queens & Nucs, Wednesday evenings, March 28 & April 4, 2018
A comprehensive lesson on queens, their purpose, their vulnerabilities, different methods of rearing your own queens and making nucleus hives.
Honey Bees: Swarm Management, Thursday evenings, April 5 & April 12, 2018
This class will cover: why honey bees swarm, how to prevent swarming, recognizing pre-swarm situations, and how to catch swarms.
Honey Bee Diet, Wednesday evenings, April 11 & April 18, 2018
There are many different types of supplemental feed for honey bees.  We need to know When to use it, Why we use it and and How to make it.  This class will fill that need.

Contact us at 207-324-2814 or email, with any questions, or to be placed on our notification list for future Beekeeping courses.

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