Community Central: Springing Ahead at McMahon

Youth coloring in pinwheel template.In Lewiston, Community Central staff and Teen Leaders have been busy getting into the swing of spring programming. Laura and Maisy are now visiting ten classrooms at McMahan Elementary, bringing experiential learning projects to 3rd-5th graders, over 200 students!

paper pinwheels in a boxIn fourth grade, students have spent the last few weeks looking at wind turbines and wind energy with the Power of Wind curriculum. First, they created different styles of turbines.

Next, they set up their turbines to discover how heavy a load of paperclips in a paper cup their design could lift, using a fan to spin their turbine.

a woman overseeing a student as the student worksOdrine, Teen Leader, assisted youth at a community site in testing their designs.

a young person filling out a worksheetFinally, students were able to figure out how much energy the turbines could create! Students kept careful records of different blade designs, turbine setup, fan speed, and amount of energy created.

Maisy (left) helps 4th graders Emmy and Abigail see how much energy is created by their turbine design.

Maisy helps 4th graders Emmy and Abigail (above) and Abukar (below) see how much energy is created by their turbine blade designs/setup.

a young boy staring an a box fan on a deskA big thank you to the McMahon 4th grade teachers for inviting us into their classrooms and to the students for all of their hard work and ingenuity!

Keep an eye out for exciting blog posts about 5th graders exploring space, 3rd graders looking at the weather, and some of our Community Central #TrueLeaders.