2017 is MARCHing right along! It is time to get a 4-H Fix!

March is Women’s History Month! So on March 10, the 4-H Fix is celebrating by telling the stories of Maine women who helped make Maine 4-H the best, and then made the best even better!

On March 24 we tell the story of Brownie Schrumpf, one Maine women who not only had the recipe for making Maine 4-H better, but for improving Maine itself, one meal at a time!  There’s not a lot of blarney in this month’s 4-H Fix!!!

An article submitted to the National 4-H History Preservation Newsletter about the Maine 4-H Fix blog, was included in the January/February edition! Not only that, but 4-H National Headquarters, NIFA, USDA brought it to the country’s attention!  Here is an excerpt from the USDA announcement.

News from NIFA 4-H HQ.: Enjoy the January/February issue of the 4-H History Preservation newsletter (PDF). In this issue: Maine Offers “The 4-H Fix.” Incorporating 4-H History into state programs presents a creative opportunity. Maine 4-H offers regular written updates to local and county volunteers and staff to keep history front and center in programs.