Recognizing Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations are in order! This year, three Maine 4-H Community Central members received scholarships through the Maine 4-H Foundation. As you continue your academic journeys we wish you all the best and can’t wait to see the incredible work you do in the future.

Please enjoy the following excerpts from Loyde, Marwo, and Jamal’s 4-H Stories.


student smiling in front of building

PHS 4-H Club & Teen Teacher
Dr. Harold and Marion Chute 4-H Scholarship

Loyde will be attending Morgan State University, majoring in Biology to become a surgeon.

Loyde’s 4-H Story: “I was looking at the smallest feet in the world, It was part of an exhibit. We took a trip to the Mutter medical museum in Philadelphia and as an aspiring Surgeon, I learned more medical history than I could have known. Unlike living in Namibia, Angola and South Africa, my experiences in Maine were a little different. People in Maine very active in their communities. Being new, I tried finding things to do that I would enjoy and I wanted to get involved in different areas around the community. One day I wandered into the room where I first met mitch. He told me about the mission of 4-H and It was exactly what I was looking for.  A place where I could make friends and get more involved in the community.  Being a member was one of the first commitments that I ever made, we went shopping for food, cooked meals for families, planned trips and joined fairs.

I think that 4-H has taught me how different people can come together for a bigger goal. Aspiration trips taught me histories, culture and the beauty of seeing things from a different perspective. I learned the importance of teaching the youth STEM at a young age as passion can start at any age and also break stereotypes like, only males can be interested in STEM. When we went to the Pennsylvania medical museum, it was really creepy and really cool and at the same time. There were many rare cases and medical miracles. It was really nice seeing all these things and experiencing medical history. I know that there will be more museums in the future about doctors of today and I would love to be in one. As the journey of college and medical school is ahead of me and my dream to become a surgeon and help people with 4-H mission staying dear to my heart.”

PHS 4-H Club, True Leader in Equity, & Teen Teacher
Gene Doris Humphrey 4-H Scholarship

Marwo will be attending the University of Southern Maine, majoring in Biology and Nursing.

Marwo’s 4-H Story: “I attended a conference called True Leaders In Equity through 4-H in 2019. My leadership role was to learn about equality and how to make our 4-H community equal for everyone. I want to learn more about equality and making changes in my community and I am happy to say that I was selected again in 2020 to represent Maine 4-H at the April conference in Chevy Chase. Me and another 4-H’er will learn about homelessness and how to help solve that problem. I was inspired to learn more about equality because I believe that is what our society lacks today. While learning about equality, my biggest takeaway from the program was the LGBTQ topic. Our goal as we learned and went back to our communities, was that we would be more tolerant and more welcoming about the differences of the people. Therefore, the communities become positively impacted. We had students from many different religions including Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism and of different sexual orientations including transgender, gay and lesbian.”


student smiling with group at 4-h event

Front Street 4-H Club & Teen Teacher
Parker/Lovejoy 4-H Foundation Scholarship

Jamal will be attending the University of New England.

Jamal’s 4-H Story: “4-H has unknowingly played an instrumental role in the person I am today. I have used the four H’s in my community as well as just the real world which are head, heart, hands, and health. I have learned many lessons as a 4-Her that have changed the trajectory in which my life is going I would not be the same person I am today without all the skills I have acquired and improved on in 4-H.

I have expanded on my leadership, teamwork, and self motivation skills which lay under Hands.4-H threw me right away into the fire when I participated in 4-H Summer of Science. Leadership was a much required skill especially when leading younger kids through science experiments and lessons. Being someone that can lead people is now becoming a strong suit of mine. It has helped me become a better captain for the Portland High School football team. As well as being a great leader I can also be a good team player when it comes to teamwork. There are many instances in 4-H in which you have to work collectively in a group in order to complete a specific goal whether its working in groups during the teen teacher Summer of Science as we learned how to teach each lesson while incorporating fun ad fact, working together with teen teachers to teach lessons at study center sites, or working to help create a table for the Cumberland county 4-H fair… Self motivation has been a skill in which I continue to grow in. 4-H showed that I need to create reasons and goals in which I would have to do something or work towards.

There are a lot of lessons and skills that I would have to learn or work on later in life if it was not for 4-H. I am very grateful that I was introduced to the opportunity and welcomed with open arms into the 4-H community. I can say without a doubt that 4-H helped me become who I am today. I hope that these skills will help give me an advantage at higher education and employment.”