It’s Time to Enroll for the New 4-H Year!

If you manage your family’s account via ZSuite, reenrollment is just a few clicks away:

Login at

    • Click on the PRIMARY profile and enter your 4-character PIN.
    • Click on the name of the youth member you wish to enroll.
    • Click on ENROLL MEMBER NOW.
    • Review/update the requested member information. When you are done with that, click NEXT
    • Here you will read and electronically sign the 4-H participation waiver(s), click NEXT
    • Here is where you will select your club or clubs and desired projects. There may be clubs and projects listed that carried over from your enrollment during the last program year.
    • To add clubs, select your county. This defaults to the county submitted when you created your account. You may need to select another county to find your desired club.
    • Select your Club from the drop-down menu. Select ADD CLUB.
    • To add projects for any of the clubs, select ADD PROJECT for the desired clubs. Select the desired project from the drop-down menu. Select ADD PROJECT and selection will be added to the club. Feel free to add additional clubs or projects. If you make a mistake or wish to remove a project, select the X and confirm you wish to delete the project.
    • When done making your selections, click Submit.

Enrollment records need to be active/green status before engaging in 4-H activities and to register for events.