How to Safely View the Maine Solar Eclipse

Can you believe the solar eclipse is just a month away?! It is necessary that you review how to properly view the eclipse before April 8th, the day this spectacular event will occur. When you are viewing the partial phases of the eclipse with your eyes, which are all times except for totality when the moon completely covers the Sun’s face, it is crucial that you are looking through viewing glasses (sometimes called “eclipse glasses”). Yes, this is true even if it’s cloudy or rainy!

    • The only safe way to view partial phases of the eclipse are with viewing (eclipse) glasses or through a handheld solar viewing (i.e. a pinhole camera)
    • Do not view partial eclipse phases with sunglasses, through a camera lens, binoculars or a telescope
    • If your viewing glasses are damaged in any way, discard them and do not use them
    • You can view the eclipse directly without eye protection only when the moon completely blocks the Sun’s face (totality)

If you are outside for hours on April 8th make sure you drink water, wear appropriate clothing and sunscreen. Happy safe viewing!