4-H STEM Challenge: Galactic Quest Virtual 4-H Club

Cost: Attendance is free, however, participants must purchase the kit in advance.

Ages: 10 – 18 (parental assistance may be required during some activities)

Dates: November 15, 22, 29, and December 6 from 4:00 to 5:00 pm

Register by: November 1, 2021

Limited to 15 Participants

About the 2021 4‑H STEM Challenge

Designed by Clemson University, the 2021 4‑H STEM Challenge, Galactic Quest, focuses on the mysteries and adventures of space exploration.

Galactic Quest explores the history of humans in space, the technology and resources needed for missions, and the obstacles humans encounter in orbit. Participants will use stellar optics to build their own telescope, study, the night sky, be introduced to cyber security and decoding, as well as design and build a mechanical claw. Activities explore important STEM topics ranging from physics and engineering to computer science and space agriculture.

Cost is approximately $20.00 for the materials kit.  All participants must purchase the Galactic Quest 2021 4-H STEM Challenge Kit, Family Size ($19.95).  If siblings or multiple participants from a single household are participating, purchasing an educator kit ($32.95)is recommended so everyone has their own building materials.

For more information or to request a reasonable accommodation, contact Sarah Sparks, 207.581.8206 or sarah.sparks@maine.edu.

Registration for this club is now closed.