Trying out for the Big E

Big E tryout poster - text belowInterested in trying out for The Big E?

Big E Dates for Working Steer: September 22-25, 2023

  • Prepare for the event:
    The Eastern States competition is a chance to showcase your project in front of thousands! Prepare by making sure your animals and yourself are ready. Study the manual for information and make sure you are practicing with your animals at home!
  • Attend two of the three tryouts:
    In order to qualify and be a part of the Maine ESE Working Steer Team, you must attend two of the three tryouts. There are three tryouts this season. They are:

    • Ossipee Valley Fair, July 8th at 9:00 am
    • Maine 4-H Days at Windsor Fairgrounds, July 23rd at 10:00 am
    • Skowhegan Fair, August 10th at 2:00 pm
  • Qualify for Participation:
    In order to qualify for the Maine ESE Working Steer Team, you obtain 28 points at qualifying events. The points are taken from your best two out of three tryouts. Points are determined based on the written test and ribbons awarded.

    • Classes and Age Requirements:
      There are three classes at each qualifying show: fitting & showmanship, cart, and drag. There are two age classes,  Juniors ages 9 – 13 and Seniors ages 14 – 18.  Birth dates as of January 1st. Please note that you have to be ten years old to go to Eastern States as a competing member. Cloverbuds are not allowed to compete in Eastern States tryouts.
    • Didn’t qualify for participation? You may be able to participate as an apprentice. If you are trying out for Eastern States and did not qualify to go as a competing member, you are eligible to go with the team as an apprentice. Responsibilities are close to that of competing members.  You will be responsible for herdsmanship, helping the team at the event, and participating in team fundraisers.