Maine Fair Season Insurance

Most Maine fairs now require proof of insurance in order to exhibit livestock at their fairs. Proof of insurance usually is requested for individuals including the exhibitor (4-H member), owner of the animal, and anyone who may be responsible for maintaining the animal at the event (e.g. parents or volunteers).

Some fairs no longer allow homeowner insurance policies. Please check your specific fair to see what they accept. Most fairs accept Maine Association of Livestock Exhibitors (MALE) Insurance.

Maine Association of Livestock Exhibitors (MALE) annual membership renewal is in June. A benefit of being a member of this association includes liability insurance at specific events, including Maine fairs. Please refer to the events that it does cover for the state. Also, as a clarification, this insurance is a display and exhibitors policy; therefore the following activities are not covered:  equine racing, trotting, barrel racing, steeplechase, rodeos, and team penning. Any and all ox, steer, pony and horse rides, wagon, sleigh, and hay rides, and dog and sheep dog activities.  More information is available on the General Information, Memberships page (Maine Association of Livestock Exhibitors website).