4-H STEM Ambassadors Micro-Credentials

4-H STEM Ambassadors Micro-Credentials; University of Maine System 4-H STEM Ambassadors, Digital Badges level 1, 2, 3

4-H STEM Ambassadors play a vital role in Maine in engaging youth with fun, hands-on, and relevant Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) learning experiences.  4-H STEM Ambassadors are skilled in leading science/engineering activities, in communicating with adult partners and with youth participants, and in developing safe learning environments. They work to develop a connection between youth in the community, and their University!

What’s a 4-H STEM Ambassador micro-credential?

Once you have completed the 4-H STEM Ambassador micro-credential pathway, you’ll be able to demonstrate the ability to lead meaningful STEM experiences for youth in a safe environment.  You will be recognized for your leadership within the program, and your ability to communicate/collaborate to meet the needs of youth in the community.

Why should I earn a 4-H STEM Ambassador micro-credential?

While 66 percent of hiring managers indicate that it is “very important” that recent graduates demonstrate the ability to innovate, only 41 percent think recent graduates are well-prepared to apply those skills in the workplace. (Source: Association of American Colleges and Universities). The 4-H STEM Ambassador experience will help you develop the skills you need to excel in the workplace and beyond, especially if you have a passion for working with youth. The 4-H STEM Ambassador micro-credential will help you share those skills with others. UMS micro-credentials are issued digitally and designed to be shared on social media and professional sites, such as LinkedIn, as well as on your website, e-portfolio or résumé!

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Am I eligible to enroll?

All University of Maine System students are eligible to join us!  Each student who volunteers as a 4-H STEM Ambassador, or who completes the UMaine Service-Learning course LAS 395, is eligible to earn the 4-H STEM Ambassador badges!

How do I start?

4-H STEM Ambassador recruitment and training occur each September and January.  For further information about the 4-H STEM Ambassadors pathway contact laura.wilson@maine.edu.

4-H STEM Ambassadors - Micro-Credential Level 1 Badge

Level 1:  This badge was issued in recognition of the learner’s completion of 4-H STEM Ambassador volunteer training, and enrollment as a Maine 4-H Volunteer.  This badge acknowledges that learners enrolled as 4-H STEM Ambassadors by completing the Maine 4-H Volunteer Application Process and completing the following core trainings:

  • Positive Youth Development
  • Experiential Learning
  • Risk Management

Training is valued and endorsed by 4-H, a nationally recognized youth-serving organization affiliated with the Land Grant University System.  View the Level 1 Badge.


4-H STEM Ambassadors - Micro-Credential Badge Level 2Level 2: This badge is issued in recognition of the learner’s with the 4-H STEM Ambassadors program and experience facilitating activities with youth.  Intentional practice occurred in these skill areas: facilitation of youth STEM activities, collaboration with a youth-serving organization (host site). View the Level 2 badge.




4-H STEM Ambassadors - micro-credential digital badge level 3Level 3: This badge was issued in recognition of the learner’s application of their learning and skills developed through enrolling as a 4-H volunteer and serving as a 4-H STEM Ambassador. Learners reached a level of demonstrated/applied competency in the following skill areas: Independence and leadership in working with youth. View the Level 3 badge.



4-H STEM Ambassador Micro-CredentialMicro-Credential: Learners achieve a verified University of Maine System micro-credential by completing the 4-H STEM Ambassador pathway and meeting the high-quality standard. Leadership was exhibited within their continued role as 4-H STEM Ambassadors or as a senior member of a team.

The following skills were developed: collaboration, resilience, independence, communication, and self-awareness through reflection. Recipients of this micro-credential developed competence in facilitating STEM activities with youth. Learners earned at least one Education Design Lab 21st century skills badge (Resilience, Collaboration, or both) through their service and reflection. View the 4-H STEM Ambassador Micro-Credential.