4-H STEM Toolkits

elementary school children using elements from a 4H rocket project kit4-H STEM Toolkits provide an experiential learning opportunity for youth in Maine by providing materials needed to successfully complete science-based activities.  Groups and youth develop an interest in science through hands-on learning.  Youth learn life skills by completing these projects.  They can study the process of science, engineering, and technology while working as a team to ensure the success of their project.  Toolkits are available from the Lisbon and Orono UMaine Extension offices.  Transportation may be available for kits to and from UMaine Extension County Offices statewide.

Guidelines for Participation

How to Reserve a Project Kit

There are a limited number of kits available from the University of Maine Cooperative Extension office. Participants will need to reserve their kits ahead of time with the office staff. To reserve a project kit, contact your county Cooperative Extension office, or email 4-HScience@maine.edu.

Plan ahead! These kits are popular and may not be immediately available.

Things to consider before the start of the project might include:

  • Youth meeting times (frequency, date and time)
  • 4-H volunteer or adult supervision (many activities require assistance and supervision from adults)
  • Travel time to pick up and return 4-H Science toolkits
  • Is the season or weather a factor?

Feedback on our toolkit program can be sent to 4-HScience@maine.edu.

4-H STEM Toolkits include:

  • Lesson plans for 4-H Science activities
  • Materials to support lesson plans
  • Itemized list of materials in the kit including notation of which materials are not included
  • 4-H Life Skills wheel and definitions
  • University of Maine Cooperative Extension staff as resources
  • General media release form for youth and adults
  • Evaluation forms: please fill out and return if possible
  • Toolkit return checklist: to be filled out before returning the toolkit