Staff and Volunteer Guidelines A.2

A.2.1 4-H Guidelines for Fair Exhibit Halls

Each county Extension 4-H educator or professional works with local volunteers and fair committees as appropriate to develop 4-H rules and regulations governing 4-H exhibit halls at fairs. A standard set of 4-H Guidelines for Agricultural Fair Exhibit Halls is available and county 4-H staff are encouraged to adopt these guidelines to create consistency among fairs.

A.2.2 4-H Technology Guidelines

Links to the 4-H website will be accepted if they meet the following guidelines:

  • They are in line with the 4-H and University of Maine Cooperative Extension mission.
  • They do not violate University Policy.
  • They do not violate the University Non-Discrimination Policy.

Procedure for requesting links to the 4-H website

  • Send requests for links to the State 4-H office Administrative Assistant:
  • Final decisions will be made by the UMaine Extension webmaster in consultation with State 4-H Office staff.

All links will be reviewed prior to acceptance and if there is any concern the Policy Team will review the link.

A.2.3 Continuing Education Units for 4-H Volunteer Training

Continuing Education Units can be obtained for volunteers who attend in-person volunteer trainings. Extension staff can apply for the Continuing Education Unit credits as the sponsor of the educational activity or instruction through UMaine Conference Services.

Sample Application Form: Word | PDF