Event Planning Reminders

Things to think about when planning an event/program:

  • “What information should be shared with the parent/guardian regarding the activity?”
  • General description of the activities to be conducted as part of the event….
  • Schedule of the program/activity….
  • Description of the facilities….
  • Type of overnight accommodations….
  • Emergency contact information….
  • First aid/medical care available….
  • Addressing special needs of participants….
  • How are transportation issues handled….
  • Type and extent of supervision (day and/or night)….
  • Training/education of those responsible for the program….
  • Expectations of participants and what could happen as a result of not fulfilling expectations….
  • Identify and manage potential risks. If the risk is what you might consider to be higher than normal, you may wish to have participants sign an Assumption of Risk Form (Word | PDF).
  • “How will information be communicated to participants and parents/guardians?”

Consider the following:

  • Informational Letter
  • Parent/Guardian Orientation
  • Permission Slip with Health Information
  • Informed Consent Form
  • Assumption of Risk Form (Word | PDF)
  • Other