Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

This document makes a distinction between “policies,” “procedures,” and “guidelines” by putting them in separate sections.  For the purposes of this manual:

  • Policies are firm practices that must be followed by Maine 4-H members, volunteers and staff.  Policies tell people what to do.
  • Procedures are descriptions of how policies and guidelines are implemented. Procedures tell people how to do what they must do.
  • Guidelines are helpful suggestions of behavior. Discretion is left to the 4-H Staff and volunteer on how they follow the appropriate guidelines given individual circumstances.

Benefits of written policies and procedures:

  • Provide a structure for a safe, healthy, and productive program.
  • Establish and communicate a standard of behavior, boundaries, and a common body of knowledge.
  • Communicate values, beliefs, and direction.
  • Serve as a valuable orientation and training tool.
  • Help ensure consistency and uniformity.
  • Support important and necessary requirements.
  • Provide a structure for sound management.