Use of Vehicles/Transportation

Enrolled volunteers are provided liability protection when driving University vehicles for official travel. However, the University does not provide liability insurance coverage or physical damage insurance coverage (collision and comprehensive) for non-University vehicles. If a volunteer uses a personal vehicle for University related business, that person’s own vehicle insurance will be responsible for any insurance claims.


  • Volunteers transporting others in their vehicles must carry automobile insurance. Note: Recommended minimum liability coverage is $300,000.  The person causing an accident is primarily responsible, and the driver’s/vehicle owner’s liability is considered primary.
  • A licensed driver of any age may drive himself or herself to a 4-H event/activity with parental/guardian consent.
  • Volunteers transporting youth in University vehicles must be 21 years of age and approved through the University Motor Pool.
  • Volunteers transporting youth in private vehicles must be 21 years of age.


The following questions are ones that would be part of the determination of liability in the event of an accident involving one or more vehicles.

  • Was the activity consistent with the organization’s mission?
  • Was the activity a regular part of the organization’s program?
  • Did the organization permit such trips under its policies?
  • Did anyone within the organization authorize the trip?
  • Was driving, related, or incidental, to the individual’s normal duties?
  • Were the drivers properly licensed, following safety precautions, and adequately trained?
  • Was the age of the licensed driver transporting youth at least 21 years and a certified volunteer with the Maine 4-H Youth Development program?
  • What was the condition of the vehicle?
  • Did the vehicle have adequate safety equipment and had it passed inspection?
  • How was the behavior of the passengers?
  • Did everyone use seatbelts and was there an older adult to monitor behavior?