Maine 4-H Teen Council By-Laws

Enacted by Maine 4-H teen Council January 8, 1995
Revised by Maine 4-H teen Council on October 16, 1995
Revised by Maine 4-H teen Council on November 22, 1998


The Membership of the Council will be a two-year term.  The selection process of a member will be as follows:

  1. Each County Extension will appoint a member to represent their county.
  2. The Maine delegates to the National 4-H Conference will also be permitted a two-year term.  Therefore, the Council shall consist of 16 county representatives and 8 delegates to the National Conference.


The Maine 4-H Teen Council has two main responsibilities:

  1. To plan and implement a statewide 4-H Teen Conference and
  2. To offer advice and suggestions for statewide 4-H Teen programming.


Members are expected to attend all meetings and events. It is essential that members who are unable to attend contact the Maine State 4-H Office. If you fail to notify, you will be subject to review by the Council. (A phone call will be made if one meeting is missed to inquire about the absence).

Leadership Structure

Teen Council will have a President, Vice-President, and Secretary/Treasurer. The Council will elect its President at the last meeting before Teen Conference.  The President will be inaugurated during the Teen Conference. To be elected President, you must have served at least one year on Teen Council and be able to serve at least one more year after inauguration. The Vice-President and the Secretary/Treasurer will be elected at the October meeting following Teen Conference. All officer’s terms end with the election of the new officers.


By-Laws will be subject to change/review at any point in time. However, the issue must be brought up at one meeting and voted on at the next meeting.  At the second meeting, half of the membership must be present and 2/3 attending must agree to the change for the change to be valid.