Raising Pastured Pork

Join us for a FREE educational (and delicious seminar) at the Presque Isle Extension office

Wednesday, August 21st
Noon to 2 pm.
The University of Maine Cooperative Extension is excited to announce a FREE series entitled Swine 101: Raising Pastured Pork. This seminar will be held at the Cooperative Extension office in Presque Isle and a meal will be provided (smoked pork!). Join Dr. Colt W. Knight, University of Maine Cooperative Extension State Livestock Specialist, for a 2-hour primer on raising pastured pork. Topics include: breed selection, basic reproductive information, swine nutrition, fencing, housing, meat yield, and more.
Even though the Seminar is FREE, you will need to register in order to be counted for the meal.
You can register here;
Cooperative Extension Office
57 Houlton Rd Presque Isle, ME 04769