Pest Management Unit

Insect ID Lab

  • Insect identification
  • Insect injury identification
  • Expert management recommendations

Tick Lab

  • Tick identification and disease testing
  • Public outreach on tick management, personal protection, and tick-borne disease prevention
  • Monitoring of Maine’s tick populations and geographic range

Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab

  • Plant pathogen (fungal, bacterial, viral, etc.) identification and expert management recommendations
  • Use of DNA analysis to identify pathogens, offering a new level of specificity of pathogen identification, down to the level of species or strain
  • Ability to be certified for testing plant samples by USDA-APHIS

Programs in Integrated Pest Management and Pesticide Safety Education

  • Farmer training and consultation for crop-specific management of pests
  • Guidance and resources for all Mainers with pest problems or questions
  • Guidance and resources about pesticide safety


Monday- Friday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm (closed holidays)