How do I prep my strawberry bed for winter?


How do I prep my strawberry bed for winter?


Much depends on whether you have June bearing strawberries or day neutral strawberries, and how old the planting is.

Generally speaking, mulch should be applied over strawberries in the late fall between Thanksgiving and Christmas to protect the plants from extreme winter cold and from damage to the roots caused by rapid freezing and thawing of the soil. Straw is the most commonly used mulch, but any loose material (pine needles, wood shavings, cedar needles, chopped leaves, etc.) which will provide cover without matting can be used. Do not use hay, because it contains weed seeds that will start to grow among the strawberries next spring. The mulch layer should be six to eight inches deep over the plants.

More detailed information and a video about getting strawberries ready for winter can be found in our fact sheet Growing Strawberries in Maine.