What are these bruise-like markings on my apples?


Last summer my apple trees produced lots of fruit, but after a cold spell, had lots of bruise like markings. I am wondering what I can do to prevent it in the future.


Liz Stanley, Horticulture Community Education Assistant, Knox-Lincoln Counties

Thank you for your question about bruise-like markings on your apple.

Without a photo or a sample of the fruit, my guess is that it could be an issue related to variety. Some apples ripen early in the season and it’s easy to pick them after they’ve reached their peak. Picking too late can result in soft spots, grainy flesh and poor flavor. Many of these early varieties are also more sensitive to cold and frost, which came relatively early last year.

For more information about fruit trees and harvesting, visit our Growing Fruit Trees in Maine website.

Our fruit tree specialist is doing a class for home orchardists tomorrow. It would be a great opportunity to ask her in person what this problem might be about. Here’s info:

Tues, Feb 23 6:00 – 7:30pm Growing Fruit Trees
Renae Moran will be teaching a class about home orchards (hobby fruit trees) offered through Lewiston Adult Ed. Cost is $7.00, The class will cover: Peaches, pears, plums, cherries and apples. Selecting the best varieties for disease resistance, cross-pollination, winter hardiness and for eating. The class also includes information on planting, pruning and harvesting. To register, visit Lewiston Adult Ed. 

I hope this is helpful and if you take the class, let me know what you find out from Renae.