Where do I find screening conifers for purchase?


We live in Lyman with about 14 acres. We are interested in planting screening conifers (spruce, hemlock) in our woods to block a nearby house. Also, interested in native shrubs and ground cover for naturalizing in the woods and along the field, and several fruit trees. I’ve looked at your amazing lists of native options, so helpful! What I am struggling with is where do I find these for purchase?! Fedco sold out, I’m not sure the more mainstream nurseries would have some of the selections we’re interested in. Just looking for ideas on where to buy! Many thanks… this site is truly a great resource, so appreciated!


Tori Lee Jackson, Extension Professor of Agriculture and Natural Resources,
University of Maine Cooperative Extension Androscoggin and Sagadahoc Counties

I’m glad you are finding so many useful resources on our website! I recommend visiting a local nursery or garden center, which is most likely to carry appropriate varieties for your area. You can locate an independent garden center on the Plant Something Maine website. For a bulk order, you might consider contacting a specialty grower of conifers, such as Western Maine Nurseries in Fryeburg.