Should you plant ornamental cherries in Zone 4 where late frosts may kill blossoms?


I am interested in planting ornamental cherries on my property, but I worry that even for Zone 4 rated varieties our late frosts will kill the blooms. Are there any varieties you can suggest or should I give up on my dream of billowy pink blossoms?


Frank S. Wertheim, Extension Educator – Agriculture/Horticulture

With a zone 4 rated ornamental cherry, there is a risk each year that you could lose your blossoms to frost, but most years you would likely be fine and really enjoy the blossoms and subsequent small fruits for the birds. If you were a farmer trying to grow cherries for sale it would not be a wise business investment, but as a home gardener there would be no economic loss, only an ornamental one in the years that late frosts take out the blossoms. I would go for it and enjoy the good years.