What is a walkable ground cover that is safe for lakefront property?


Description of the area: A gradual slope down to the lake the area is barren now with hard soil and plenty of tree roots. It’s shaded because there’s some pine and oak trees on this space. We are looking for a walkable ground cover. The area needs to be accessible from the basement and from the porch stairs down to highland lake and the dock. I believe we’re allowed to do plantings that will help soil erosion. I wonder if you would know someone that could give us a plan which will protect the lake and the environment but allow us to have better looking and functional space?


Abi Griffith, Horticulture Community Education Assistant

For your own research, you may want to check out the links and resources on Shoreline Landscaping for Lake Protection from the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, for a lot more information on the concepts you are thinking about.  The “Buffer Handbook Plant List” includes potential groundcovers you may want to consider.

Additionally, the bulletin:  Gardening to Preserve Maine’s Landscape: Plants to Use and Plants to Avoid has great lists – scroll down for ground cover recommendations.

For resources for professional help/making a plan, check out: