Is it okay to prune a pear tree at the end of April?


Is it okay to prune my pear tree now at the end of April? I would like to take some large branches off to change the shape for ease of mowing around it. 


Abi Griffith, Horticulture Community Education Assistant

It is always recommended to prune in early spring or late winter because pruning when a tree is dormant allows ample time for healing and puts less stress on the tree.  I would take that into consideration especially if you are thinking about a significant amount of pruning.  If buds haven’t broken on your pear tree and growth hasn’t started, I think you could get away to do a “late-ish” pruning if you really felt like you needed to.  It’s usually a case of weighing out the various goals and benefits of your own landscape.  Pruning a non dormant pear tree could cause it stress and affect the health of the tree, its flowering and yields, but if it is a healthy tree and the benefits of being able to access areas closer to the tree this season are high, then it could be worth it to you!

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