Can you grow Willow in Maine to be harvested for making fences and garden structures?


Is it possible to grow willow plants in Maine that will be harvested for sticks and used in making fences and garden structures?


Lynne M. Holland, Horticulture and Social Media Professional

Willow is a great wattle material and is definitely hardy to your area.  The trick to wattle is to choose a willow variety that is fast growing and a bush structure as opposed to the more tree-like willows we generally see.  That being said any straight growing saplings can be used for the structural parts and then fill in with flexible new growth of smaller diameter.  Here is a short article I wrote last year with a resource for more information and there is also an article from Cornell on the topic.  Cornell also has a willow program and their weather is a little colder and dryer than ours.
The University of Connecticut has the definitive list od Salix cultivars.  It is a really in-depth long list with some great information.