What are some native grasses that like sunny exposure?


I would like to know what native grasses do well in a sunny exposure. I would like to use them as a border and would like a variety that is rather big. 


Lynne M. Holland, Horticulture and Social Media Professional       

What great question since most of our landscapes are made up of grasses from “away”.   We do not have our own resource on this topic but the UNH Extension has a good one that applies.  Maine has three Eco-regions and New Hampshire shares two of those with us so these same grasses would be native here as well.  The resource is “The Best Native Ornamental Grasses for the Landscape” (click on the blue underlined text to be taken to the link.)  If water conservation is also an issue (if the area is windy and tends to dry out) consider this resource from UMass Extension.