How can you control a large amount of weeds in the garden?


For the last several years I have had massive amounts of weeds, that get worse every time I pull them! There are so many that my soil is solid full of roots from these weeds! How do I get my garden back? 


Rebecca Long, Sustainable Agriculture and Horticulture Professional

I’m sorry to hear about your weed-related frustrations! The way you deal with weeds depends entirely on what kind of weed you have, from the sounds of it you might have a perennial weed that is regrowing from root fragments.

Once you get the current weed issue under control, mulch is a great tool to stay on top of things. Wood chips are great for perennial plantings and dried shredded leaves are amazing for perennials or vegetable gardens. Lastly, grass clippings from a chemical-free lawn are a great mulch option for vegetable gardens!

Some ergonomic tools will also help immensely. Tools you can use while standing are ideal. For cultivating bare soils: a good stirrup hoe works great and can be used with the back total straight. For perennial weeds, a stand-up weed puller is a good option.