Should I mulch my raised beds after missing the window for a cover crop?


I want to best prepare my beds for next spring. I think I’ve missed the boat on cover crop. Should I mulch my raised beds? I have ample access to leaves and pine needles. I also have garlic overwintering in one bed.


Jonathan Foster, Community Education Assistant

It is a bit too late to establish a cover crop, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t beneficial things you can do for your beds! Please refer to our page on preparing the garden for winter in our Victory Garden for ME series for some fantastic information on putting the garden to bed for the season. As for mulching with leftover leaves, it’s a great and sustainable way to mulch your beds and clean up the yard at the same time, but make sure you shred or chop the leaves first. Otherwise, they are slow to break down and can create mats in the garden bed. Take care using pine needles, as they can acidify your soil as they decompose.