Can I I buy cattail seed from somewhere in Maine?


Can I I buy cattail seed from somewhere in Maine? I have a low boggy yard edge where it would be perfect.


Jonathan Foster, Community Education Assistant

I’m sorry to say I am not aware of any local Maine resellers who carry cattail seed. There are several online sources from big box stores, but I can’t endorse any particular one because of Extension policies–a quick internet search will turn up results for you.

I will mention that cattail can become an aggressive spreader (while it is native here in Maine, it is considered invasive elsewhere), so be aware that it will eventually fill any sites that are conducive to establishment and growth. You can slow its growth by rhizomes (underground spreading roots) by planting it in buried or submerged containers, but it is a prolific seeder, as well. If you have a smallish location for it, you’ll probably be fine, but if you have a larger boggy area and are hoping to keep the cattail confined in one part, it will require some efforts at control.

You can read more about cattail at the Native Plant Trust: You can also learn about the plant’s benefits and drawbacks in this article from the USGS: Also please see this data sheet on cattail control from the UMaryland Extension: