What advice do you have for pruning semi-draft apple trees?


Can I have someone or can you recommend someone who can give me some on-site apple pruning advice? I have three semi-dwarf trees that aren’t neglected, but just amateurly pruned every year. I have a lot of what I think is excess growth on these 15 year old trees.


Lynne M. Holland, Horticulture and Social Media Professional

If you believe your tree is in need of professional help you should hire a professional.  Since we are an educational institution we cannot recommend retailers or service providers.  If it were my tree, I would look at the state’s list of professional arborists and contact one that is in my area.  At that same site, they also have a link to a fact sheet on how to hire an arborist.  We do not have the capacity to do site visits.

If you want to attempt it yourself then we have a video on pruning apples.  If there is a lot of excess growth then you may want to consider renovating it.  In either case, a lot of excess growth is usually the result of tentative or half-hearted pruning rather than cutting things back hard and really shaping the tree.