What is some preseason advice for grape vines?


I am unsure if I have a disease problem, an appropriate care problem, a pruning issue, or some other issue. Obviously the two vines are dormant now, but I would appreciate some preseason advice.

grape vines in winter
Used with permission by the client.


Lynne M. Holland, Horticulture and Social Media Professional

It is really difficult to diagnose that there is a problem or what it might be when the plant is dormant.  It appears they have not been pruned regularly and that there is some damage that may have allowed insects or diseases entrance to the wood. This is a good time to prune your grapes and it appears that the Umbrella Kniffen form is a good one for the shape that they are in already.  Click on the underlined text to be taken to the video.   It will be a very hard pruning back and will likely mean you may not have many grapes this year.  For Information on growing grapes in Maine see this bulletin for all you need to know about growing grapes.